Best Cryptocurrency Copy Trading Platform for Binance 2021

Profitable cryptocurrency trading strategies are automatically executed on your Binance exchange account using an advance crypto copy trading platform.

Retain full control of your money and monitor your funds in real-time on your PC or mobile.

Benefits of Using Our Cryptocurrency Copy Trading Platform


The Uranuscrypto platform works without direct access to your funds.

cryptocurrency copy trading platform

Passive Income Made Simple

Enjoy the profits of active crypto trading without stress.


We’ll diversify your funds across trades with different trading strategies using an advanced crypto trading tool.

Risk Management

Our risk management strategy is powered by machine learning with a stable infrastructure.

How to Start Crypto Copy Trading on Uranuscrypto

It’s never been easier to trade cryptocurrency like a real professional trader – get started in just 5 steps

1. Create/Login to your Binance account and fund it.

The minimum trading capital required to begin is $250.

crypto copy trading

2. Create an API key and Secret key.

3. Pay for your monthly subscription fee of $29 and fill the form on the payment section with the required information.

4. Once verified by us, we’ll connect your API to our trading tool which automatically creates and executes trades that will reflect in your Binance account.

You can track your gains in a convenient way all from your Binance account.

5. Every month, we’ll charge a  5% performance fee on all profit earned in your account.

For any unprofitable month, we charge no performance fee at all.

For example, if your account grows by 30% in July a 5% fee will be charged for a performance fee.

You only pay us when we deliver.

How we Grow your Crypto Account

Here’s how we grow your Binance exchange account to insane wealth.

1. The Uranuscrypto team of analysts manually research potential blockchain, cryptocurrency, and defi projects that have long-term use cases.

2. After researching these profitable coins, backed by fundamental and technical analysis, we then use smart trade automated tools to execute and complete trades on your account.

3. Uranuscrypto team uses a swing trading strategy to maximize gain and reduce risk.

A closed trade with 36.8% ROI

Using this style of trading, trades tend to close between 3 days – 6 weeks in other to see sufficient gains that generate up to 45% in less than 6 weeks of trading these crypto coins.

Complete payment here

To complete your monthly subscription fee, kindly send a $29 to the payment address below.

Get 25% discount when you pay for a year subscription fee of $265.

Bitcoin address: bc1qqdeq693g8g6hqv8x9gx8aq84h77lkvkhn5fx9w

Ethereum address: 0xBc608B6fE8F0E8bcb68724f479AbF29cda2e2134

After your payment have been made, please forward your transaction ID, API key and secret key to

Account activation takes 24 to 48 hours.

Crypto Copy Trading Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is crypto copy trading profitable?

Yes, crypto copy trading is profitable as it is the easiest and most profitable entry to the global market — no need to have much expertise. 

Copy-trading works under the rule of being in the same boat: traders risk their own funds when providing trades for the copy.

2.What is Crypto copy trading?

 Crypto copy trading is based on following profitable traders.

Professional traders earn additional money by providing their expertise to inexperienced traders, while investors get the ability to copy trades from the experts and easily succeed in the crypto market.

3. How does Crypto copy trading work?

The concept of crypto copy trading is really simple: you let someone else develop the trading strategy for you by directly copying the exact same deals they make in real-time. 

In the automatic mode, the crypto copy trading platform trades instead of you. 

In the manual mode, the service provides you Telegram signals of cryptocurrency traders, and you trade on the exchange on your own.

4. Is it safe to connect my Binance exchange account to your platform?

Our platform only needs deal-making access to do our crypto copy trading operations. 

There is no need to select “Enable Withdrawals” in API restrictions, this ensures that your balance remains under your total control. 

5. Is crypto copy trading legal?

Well, in most cases it is legal the same as to hold and trade crypto assets. 

All trade execution is performed by your exchange ( Binance).

Please pay attention that your country of residence may prohibit your participation in copy trading or holding crypto assets, then it will be illegal personally for you.

So, we advise checking with your local regulator if you are eligible to hold crypto assets, trade them, or use top crypto copy trading facilities.

6. Can I copy trade on Binance?

No, you cannot copy trade directly on Binance.

But using our crypto copy trading platform you’ll be able to copy trade on Binance.