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How to buy bitcoin with credit or debit card instantly in 2021

In this post, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to buy bitcoin with credit or debit cards instantly and securely using these 5 bitcoin exchange websites.

In fact, this is the exact process I use to buy bitcoin from these 5 exchange websites listed below.

buy bitcoin with credit card

So, if you want to buy bitcoin with credit or debit card easily, instantly and securely, then you will love this new tutorial.

Let’s dive right in…

How to set up a Bitcoin wallet?

The bitcoin wallet is a place to store your Bitcoins, and you need to set up one before starting your crypto operations. 

Each wallet has its address which is indicated as a destination address for all BTC transfers to your wallet.

To get started, check out this guide on choosing the best bitcoin wallet.

Though you can choose any other wallet providers, be sure to do your research on the wallet security and safety before using them.

To set up a Bitcoin wallet, you need to choose a reliable provider and get registered on their platform with your email and a strong password. 

Endeavor to set up all the other extra security features like the 2FA, second password, and passphrase.

Pro Tip: Make sure to keep this information private and secured.

Do not share your wallet password, passphrase with a 3rd party.

Treat your bitcoin wallet as your bank account!

4 steps to buy bitcoin with a debit card on Coinbase

Step #1: Create an account

Create an account on Coinbase, verify your email address and phone number.

Make sure to use your accurate details to enable easy verification.

Step #2:Verify  identity

Next, verify identity to complete your account setup.

Step #3: Add account

Visa and MasterCard debit cards can be used to buy bitcoin using Coinbase. 

They don’t support prepaid cards or other cards without an associated billing address.

In most cases, photo ID verification is required before adding a card.

To link a debit card:

Go to Settings and select the Linked Accounts tab.

Next, select Link a New Account.

Then, select Debit Card.

Provide your card information (two small, temporary debits will be applied to your card).

Go to your card’s online statement and find the two temporary debits. 

Enter those amounts on Coinbase to complete adding and verifying your card.

Step #4: Buy bitcoin

Go to the Buy page, select bitcoin as the digital currency you’d like to buy.

Enter the amount you’d like to buy denominated in either digital currency or your local currency.

Select the wallet you wish to have your funds deposited into.

Select a debit card as your desired payment method.

Confirm the order is correct and click Buy.

So that would be one great way to buy bitcoin with debit cards.

In fact, I already did 🙂

Speaking of buying your bitcoin on Coinbase, other things to consider might be:

Coinbase Fees and limits

Coinbase charges a 3.99% fee on all purchases via debit card.

Purchase limits depend on your accounts verification level, with the highest tier of verification allowing $50,000 to be purchased daily.

The exchange charges no fees for moving currency onto the exchange. 

The only time you’ll ever pay a fee is when purchasing or selling cryptocurrency on the platform.

What Countries are the Coinbase buy services available?

Coinbase buy bitcoin with debit card service is currently available to users in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the following European markets:

Czech RepublicIrelandNetherlands
DenmarkIsle of ManNorway
PolandPortugalSan Marino

Bonus Tip: Coinbase no longer supports linking new credit cards and some card issuers are blocking cryptocurrency purchases with existing credit cards. 

If you have a credit card linked already, your bank may charge additional fees for Coinbase credit card purchases. 

Affected customers are advised to switch to a debit card or linked bank account instead.

3 steps to buy bitcoin with credit or debit card on Coinmama

Step #1: Set up an account

You can set up an account by registering here, or by filling out the form on the home page. 

Once you’re on the registration form you’ll be requested to insert some basic information.

After completing the registration, a link will be sent to you in other to verify your email.

Step #2: Get verified 

To purchase bitcoin with a credit or debit card, you need to get your account verified.

After you have verified your email, log in to your account, click My account and then click Verify my account.

You’ll then be asked to provide some personal details.

Generally, the more you tell Coinmama about yourself, the more you can buy.

Before you start your verification process, check the list of countries Coinmama serves. 

You will need to be a resident of and have a valid identification card (ID) from a country or US state Coinmama operates in.

Once on the verification page, you’ll be asked to submit information, depending on the level of verification you’re interested in. 

For standard verification, you need to upload a high-quality photo of either your international passport, national ID card or driver’s license.

Your documents will then be reviewed by their compliance department. 

Once approved, you can buy bitcoin up to 15,000 USD with a credit or debit card.

Follow these tips for a smooth verification process.

Step #3: Buy with credit or debit card

Now that your account is verified, you can proceed to buy bitcoin with any credit or debit card from MasterCard to VisaCard. 

Here are the steps:

1. Create the order.

Choose bitcoin as your crypto-currency.

2. Choose how much you want to buy.

 You can either choose one of the packages or put in a specific amount.

3. Once you’ve decided, click the Buy BTC button.

4. Enter the wallet address you want the bitcoins sent to.

5. On the payment method page, choose Credit or debit card as the payment method, and fill out the payment form

6. Click on Pay Now.

Please note that you may need to enter a 3D Secure code, sent to your phone by your bank, in order to complete the payment.

This depends on your card issuer. Read on here for VISA cards. 

Find out more for MasterCard Cards.  

After completing the payment, your order will now change the status to In Process, which means that it’s being processed by the credit card processor.

The order is processed within a few seconds. 

Once the payment is approved, and you have confirmed your wallet, Coinmama usually sends the coins within 10 minutes. 

You’ll be able to see them as soon as the Blockchain has confirmed the transaction, this may take another 10 minutes.

To read more about Blockchain confirmations and how they work, click here

To see the average confirmation time, check this graph.

And that’s all there is to buying bitcoin with credit or debit card on Coinmama.

With that out of the way, it’s time for some tips that many people skip over: which are their fees, limits, and country the serve.

Coinmama Fees and Limits

Coinmama’s rate is based on the XBX Index, for credit/debit card transactions, there is an additional 5.00% processing fee. 

This fee will be added after choosing your method of payment.

The minimum you can buy is 60 USD (or its equivalent in EUR), also you can buy for up to 15,000 USD with a credit or debit card once your account is approved.

Pro Tip: If you want to make sure there is coverage on your card, take the final amount you want to spend and divide it by 1.05 (so if you have 1000 USD to spend, 1000 / 1.05 = 952). 

This is the amount you can spend when choosing how much bitcoin to buy.

Countries Coinmama operates

Coinmama currently operates in over 190 countries worldwide.

4 steps to buy bitcoin with credit or debit card on Luno

Here is the exact step by step to buy bitcoin with a credit or debit card Luno.

Step #1: Create a Luno account

Go to Luno and “Sign up” or  “Sign in” if you already have an account with them.

When you sign up with Luno, you get a free cryptocurrency wallet, which you can use to store, top-up, send and receive your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

Or you can sign-up via the Luno app using these easy 2 steps:

1. Download the Luno app from the Play Store or App store

2. Tap Profile on the Menu and follow the prompts to sign-up

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email with a link to follow. 

This is to confirm that you have access to the email address you’ve signed up with.

If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder sometimes their email is flagged by spam filters. 

If this is the case, you may want to add Luno to your address book to make sure you don’t miss out on notifications from them.

Step #2: Identity Verification

Luno helps customers with a credit or debit card in these supported countries to buy bitcoin.

Next, “Sign in” to your Luno account to begin the account verification process.

Now, input your telephone number and then confirm the code that will be sent to you either through voice or SMS.

Then, fill in the form with your personal details.

There are different account levels, with deposit and withdrawal limits that apply to each level of verification.

LV 1 Confirm mobile number and basic personal details
LV 2 Submit photo/scan of government-issued ID and selfie photo (accepted documents)
LV3 Submit proof of residential address (accepted documents)

Please note: There are some cases where you will still be required to provide extra documentation.

Step #3: Deposit Money

Deposit money with your credit card to enable you to buy bitcoin on Luno, go to your main account page and select the wallet for the type of funds you will be depositing.

Select a credit card on the payment screen, and add the details of your credit card.

Enter the amount that you would like to deposit from your credit card.

 After clicking the Next button, you will be directed you to a success page and your account will be credited immediately.

You may be redirected to your card issuer’s 3D-Secure screen where you will be prompted to enter the One Time Password (OTP) supplied to you by your card issuer.

You will then be taken to a confirmation screen to let you know that your deposit was successful. Congrats! 

You’ve just deposited money using your saved card.

Step #4: Get Bitcoin

What you need to do now is to exchange the deposited money to bitcoin.

To do that, refresh your wallet and go back to the homepage.

Select the Buy option under your Bitcoin wallet.

Next, choose the currency that you would like to buy your Bitcoins with (for example, USD, EUR, NGN)

Enter the amount of Bitcoin that you would like to buy and confirm your purchase.

Upon every transaction, a notification will be sent to your email to keep you Updated.

Luno Fees and Limits

Luno allows users from Europe to deposit using their credit or debit card for free and users in Nigeria pay a 1.58% fee.

You can deposit up to EUR 1,000 per transaction with a monthly card deposit limit of EUR 5,000. 

This is separate from your current account level limits, which include the monthly and lifetime deposit limits that will be applied regardless of this card deposit limit.

Countries Luno operates

Luno currently supports these countries.





South Africa




Supported European countries include:

Isle of ManItalyJerseyLatviaLiechtenstein
NorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaSan Marino
United Kingdom

How to buy bitcoin with credit or debit card on CEX.IO

To buy bitcoin on CEX.IO, you’ll need to complete a few steps:

Step #1: Create an Account

First, create an account on CEX.IO. 

To do so, go to the registration page, enter your email and password, and click Register.

Then confirm your email address by clicking the link you receive in the confirmation email or by copying the code in that email and pasting it in the field on the email confirmation page.

At this step, you’ll also be prompted to confirm your phone number. 

Doing so turns on two-factor authentication (2FA) and adds an extra layer of security to your account. 

On the phone verification page, fill in your phone number and verify it with the code you receive via SMS or phone call. 

CEX.IO turns on phone-based 2FA by default, but you can change your 2FA method to Google Authenticator in your account settings if you wish. 

See this guide for more information on setting up 2FA on CEX.IO.

What’s next?

Step #2: Buy Bitcoin Instantly

You can buy crypto instantly with your Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card. 

Enter the amount you want to buy, select the currency to pay in – USD, EUR, GBP, or RUB – and click the Buy Now button.

Step #3: Add a Card

Fill out your card information and upload a photo of the card along with your identity document and a selfie with the card to prove ownership.

Check out the card verification guide on CEX.IO for information on how to add your card quickly. 

You can use a card in your local currency to buy crypto on CEX.IO.

Payment will be converted into the deposit currency you select in accordance with your bank’s current exchange rate.

Once your card is verified, you’ll be able to finalize your purchase. 

Enter the CVC/CVV code, agree to the Terms of Use, Refund Policy, Payment Conditions, and Cardholder’s Agreement, and click the final Buy Now button.

After your order has been confirmed, you have successfully purchased Bitcoin on with a card!

CEX.IO Fees and Limits

As far as fees and limits go, charges a 2.9% fee on credit and debit card deposits. 

Recommended limits per 1 transaction: is a minimum of $ 20.00 up to a maximum of $1,000.

For the basic identity, your daily limit is up to $1,000 and a monthly limit of $3,000.

You can increase your daily limit to $10,000 depending on the type of account you choose to set up and verification.

Countries CEX.IO Serves

CEX.IO service coverage is decent, allowing all countries around the world. Except for the ones listed below.

Here are a list of countries where card payments aren’t available on CEX.IO: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Cuba, Algeria, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Cambodia, North Korea, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Deposit payment processing time for credit or debit card is instant. 

Only 3 daily successful transactions per each verified payment card are allowed for all countries except those where card payments are not available.

Deposits via payment cards are acceptable in any fiat currencies. 

In case your local currency is different from USD, EUR, GBP or RUB, it will be automatically converted into the selected deposit currency. 

The exchange rate and any fees associated with the transaction are calculated and deducted by your card issuer.

How to buy bitcoin with credit or debit card on Changelly

The process is quite simple and takes a few minutes.

Step #1: Start your transaction

To buy bitcoin with a credit card on Changelly, click sign up on the homepage to create an account, or proceed directly here to the payments page.

Specify the amount of fiat/required BTC sum, enter your bitcoin wallet address and press ‘Continue

Don’t have a bitcoin wallet? You can get one here.

Once again, check all payment details, especially the estimated amount you will receive. 

Go to the next step only if the exchange rate shown is acceptable to you.

Step #2: Complete purchase

Now to complete the purchase you’ll be asked to enter your credit or debit card data. 

Remember that your card must support 3D-secure (verification by phone number).

Also enter your personal details, including a valid phone number associated with your card.

Click on the “Pay Now” button.

You will promptly receive a phone call. 

Next, you will hear a digital code that you have to enter.

Now go to your online bank app and find the bank statement with a three-digit code to specify.

If for any reason you can’t find the code, there is an alternative option to record your voice saying ‘Indacoin verification’ and send a picture of yourself and your passport.

Once you’ve entered the code or sent your data, wait while your transaction is processed. 

Within 5-30 minutes, your transaction will be complete and you will receive your bitcoin and transaction receipt.

Changelly Fees and Limits

Extra charges apply in addition to the rate provided at the checkout

– Changelly fee 5%

– Simplex fee 5% (min $10)

Changelly limits for the first transaction: from $50 to $10000

Daily limit: up to $20000

Monthly limit: up to $50000

Countries Changelly operates

You have to be 18 years old or older, you can purchase bitcoin with your credit card or debit card using Changelly (Simplex). 

An additional requirement is to have a valid government-issued document as they may ask you to submit a picture of it.

Kindly note that their services cannot be used in countries on the FATF list below:




Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)






Sri Lanka


Trinidad and Tobago



In addition, please note that Changelly services may be restricted in other locations as well,  based on your country/state and their policies towards cryptocurrency transactions.

PS: You can also use these additional resources if you want to buy

bitcoin with Paypal or cash easily.

And if you’re looking for the best bitcoin investment sites to invest in safety.

Now, I’d Like To Hear From You

There you have it:

My 5 best ways to buy bitcoin with credit or debit cards in 2021.

Now I’d like to hear from you…

Which method from today’s post are you ready to try first?

Are you going to buy bitcoin with Coinmama?

Or maybe you want to try Luno to purchase your bitcoin with a credit or debit card.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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